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Moonology™ Diary 2024

Transformation and joy are key themes for 2024 – it’s a powerful year for major shifts. Tap into the Moon’s cycles to access all that’s on offer and work with the Law of Attraction to manifest your dreams.

The Little Book of Astrology Use the power of the planets to reveal your inner destiny

Discover everything you need to know about astrology in a compact, concise, and beautifully produced guide. The Little Book of Astrology includes all the essential information about how the Sun, Moon, Mars, and Venus—the most important heavenly bodies—empower us and help shape our lives.

Moon Phases

From herbalist expert Cecilia Lattari comes a practical tool that teaches the essentials of the different moon phases each month of the year and the wide symbolism beyond them. Explore the rocks and medicinal plants best utilized during different phases, along with popular icons that embody each different phase.

Birth Chart Interpretation Plain & Simple

Concise, beginner-friendly, and with nothing left undone, this practical book teaches you how to interpret a natal chart with ease. You might be intimidated by the complexity of your chart, but this book makes it simple?all you need is your date, time, and location of birth.