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Jade-Sky, a psychic/medium, reveals how to develop your sixth sense and connect with the spirit world. Interested in enhancing intuition or exploring spirituality? Discover your psychic potential and embrace guidance from spirit guides. Unlock secrets with Jade-Sky's simple activities.


Supercommunicators, according to Charles Duhigg, excel by recognizing and aligning with three types of conversations: practical, emotional, and social. By navigating these dimensions effectively, individuals can connect more deeply with others, as Duhigg illustrates through examples from diverse scenarios. The key takeaway: with the right tools, anyone can master the art of communication.

Healing The Five Wounds Of The Heart

At some point in our lives, we all experience five major emotional traumas: abandonment, betrayal, separation, denial, and judgment. While the world may encourage us to dismiss these events as “just the way things are,” Dr. Marie Mbouni explains that the trauma we experience as a result of these “heart wounds” can leave lasting impressions on our lives.

Synesthesia Experience

A violinist sees a scarlet form when he plays a certain note; a rock star sees waves of blue and green as he composes a ballad; an actress tastes cake when she utters the word "table." Described by some as a superpower this mingling of the senses is called “synesthesia,” and the people who possess this amazing gift are called “synesthetes.