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Natural sciences

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The Universe in a Box


Will we ever truly understand our cosmic home? This is the story of the technologies that allow us to look up, to learn and to discover our place in the cosmos.

'An electrifying new history of the universe'
HANNAH FRY, author of Rutherford and Fry's Complete Guide to Absolutely Everything

We are part of an

The Atomic Human

A vital perspective is missing from the discussions we're having about Artificial Intelligence: what does it mean for our identity?

Our fascination with AI stems from the perceived uniqueness of human intelligence. We believe it's what differentiates us. Fears of AI not only concern how it invades our digital lives, but also the implied threat of an intelligence that displaces

White Holes

Let us journey into the heart of a black hole. Let us slip beyond its boundary, the horizon, and tumble - on and on - down this crack in the universe. As we plunge, we'll see geometry fold, we'll feel the equations draw tight around us. Eventually, we'll pass it: the remains of a star, deep and dense and falling further far. And then - the bottom. Where time and space end, and th

National Geographic Herbal

Targeted to the millions of consumers treating common ailments with herbal remedies, this authoritative guide to 100 essential herbs is chock-full of crucial information for the health-minded consumer, wellness advocate, gardener, and naturalist.

Written by the executive director of the American Herbalists Guild, National Geographic Herbal features backyard weeds like dand

Synesthesia Experience

A violinist sees a scarlet form when he plays a certain note; a rock star sees waves of blue and green as he composes a ballad; an actress tastes cake when she utters the word "table." Described by some as a superpower this mingling of the senses is called “synesthesia,” and the people who possess this amazing gift are called “synesthetes.

Little Book Of Mushrooms

From sweet little toadstools to giant puffballs, mushrooms come in all shapes and sizes. With over 10,000 mushrooms in the world, some are cute and colourful, while others may look super adorable, but are actually deadly. No matter the kind, it's time to celebrate all types of mushrooms with THE LITTLE BOOK OF MUSHROOMS.

Ufo Experience

The case against UFOs and UAPs (Unidentified Aerial Phenomenon) has not been put to rest. Although UFOs “officially” did not exist for decades according to the government, reports of sightings continue to be made, and the latest releases from the government and related hearings have surprised the world.