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The Original Frontier : A Serious Seeker's Guide to Zen

Throw open the gate to the original frontier of your creative mind discovered by Buddha, handed down to successive generations through India, China, and Japan, and now to America, in this age of increasing uncertainty. A new, refreshing approach lays out the ancient secrets of the irreducibly simple method of Zen meditation, in easily accessible terms and digestible bites.

Penetrating wisdom

A description of the Tibetan Buddhist Dzogchen path of awakening, with instructions and guidance for following it.

You are here : discovering the magic of the present moment

Simple daily practices to help readers discover the happiness and freedom of living in the present moment--from the renowned Buddhist monk and bestselling author.

Buddha: His Life & His Teaching (New Edition)

The classic illustrated yoga guide by one of the world's most widely recognized yoga masters has now been revised and updated for the 21st century.