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Secret Cities Of Italy

Italy. The name sparks images of gondolas, the Trevi Fountain, and Michelangelo’s David. Indeed, travelers who visit only Venice, Rome, and Florence will find plenty to hold their attention—but they will also miss out on so much more of what Bella Italia has to offer . . .

Tent Life

What's the appeal of pitching a tent and sleeping under the stars? Tried it yourself and felt inadequate and underprepared? The campers in this book can show you how to pitch up in style. From intrepid woodsmen with enviable survival skills, to low-key surfers chasing the perfect wave; solo travellers in single-person hammocks, to family groups in extravagant bell tent setups – for these ...

Planet's Most Spiritual Places

Spirituality has a multitude of meanings for the many who seek deeper significance in their lives. From ancient religions with their timeless places of worship to modern, contemporary followers of faith and new age travellers seeking enlightenment and illumination, we are drawn to all kinds of places in the search for profound meaning.