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Times Of Celebration

Vacker solo-piano musik. Varje melodi är fylld med en oförglömlig klarhet och melodisk skönhet.

Lunar Eclipse

Drum healing cd!

A lunar eclipse occurs whenever the moon passes through some portion of the earth’s shadow.


Piano, keyboards och gitarr i både vemodig och lycklig samklang väcker minnen av fjärran hav och himmel, berg och skog. Något är välbekant, något har ändrat sig, som årstidernas skiftningar.

Songs For Tibet (CD)

Skivan "Songs for Tibet" består av 19 låtar med svenska artister som genom åren stöttat Tibet. På titelspåret "A song for Tibet" medverkar 8 sångare samt Janne Schaffer, Björn J: ...

Tandava vol 1

In the realm of electronic world beat, Pathaan is arguably the singular choice. Truly the ambassador of international sounds, his Stoned Asia Music series and sound are solid.

A Deeper Surrender [CD]

Contemporary ballad-style songs in a folk/pop style celebrating divine love and the truth of who we are with accompaniment on piano, tabla, flute, guitar, cello and more.

Sacred Pearl [CD]

Beautiful instrumental music with a soft Indian flavour - ideal for yoga practice, silent meditation; or for creating a healing atmosphere in your home.

You are the placebo meditation 1 - changing two beliefs and perceptions (re

When you discover the sweet spot of the present moment and you forget about yourself as the personality you have always been, you have access to other possibilities that already exist in the quantum field. Introducing the open-focus technique, this title takes you into the practice of finding the present moment.


“Mantras are passwords that transform the mundane into the sacred,” says Deva Premal. Password represents a shift in direction for Deva and Miten, with the introduction of Danish producer RajRishi, who brought the cream of Copenhagen’s jazz players into the mix. The result is a substantial, musically refined album with sublime arrangements of ancient mantras, complementing Deva’s soulful vocals.

Signatures on Water

Like a quiet lake in the early morning hours, within us all there is a still point of inner peace and calm. With Signatures on Water, acclaimed keyboardist and composer Maneesh de Moor offers a fluid soundscape to help guide us into our inner sanctuary.

Music for Wellbeing 4 CD

Den perfekta presenten till dina nära och kära som behöver slappna av. CDn innehåller specialkomponerad musik för att skapa en stämning av totalt välbefinnande.

Music for Wellbeing 3 CD

Här har du den helt perfekta musiken när du verkligen behöver slappna av. Fridfulla melodier med naturljud i bakgrunden skänker lugn och harmoni till kropp och själ.

Love Reigns (Cd)

Kirtan has the power to transport us into an ecstatic realm where our hearts are wide open to the divine.

Dial M For Mantra (Cd)

If you think you know the music of Jai Uttal, then get ready for a surprising adventure into uncharted territory. When remix artist Rara Avis of Shaman's Dream began to break down Jai's devotional classics in his Los Angeles studio, he discovered a hidden side to the kirtan that was dripping with funk.

Falling awake

"Singer/songwriter, Kirtana, sings about the journey she takes. With each successive album she has invited us, song by song, footstep by footstep, to come with her, deeper into this journey which ...

A Deeper Surrender

Singer-songwriter Kirtana's A Deeper Surrender is an exquisite paean to the ineffable longing for the Beloved that stirs many a soul searching.

Peace is in our hands (CD)

"The 'Peace Is in Our Hands' experience is an awareness exercise to get people to see what's going on inside themselves in relation to war and peace.

Pan pipes play the music of The Beatles

Underbar musik med panflöjt, efter Beatles låtar.

Rain forest Retreat

Avspännings- och reflektionsmusik och ljud från naturens magiska platser. Denna cd tar dig genom en tropisk regnskog, genom en skara fjärilar och bin som dansar i solskenet, vackra exotiska växter, vatten som droppar och fåglar som sjunger. Med din fantasi kan vad som helst hända.

Tropical Tradewinds

Tropical Tradewinds Sounds of Nature