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Healthy Kids, Happy Kids

Do you want to know the key to raising resilient kids, from the inside out? In this groundbreaking, evidence-based guide to raising healthy kids in our modern world, Dr. Elisa Song bridges the gap between conventional and holistic pediatrics and delivers a clear roadmap to help kids thrive.

Raising healthy, happy kids shouldn't be so hard. Yet, d

Whole Brain Living

For half a century we have been trained to believe that our right brain hemisphere is our emotional brain, while our left brain houses our rational thinking. Now neuroscience shows that it’s not that simple: in fact, our emotional limbic tissue is evenly divided between our two hemispheres.

Alzheimer's, Aromatherapy, And The Sense Of Smell

While there is still no known cure for Alzheimer's, new research and trials from France reveal that it is possible to slow down its progression, ameliorate some of its direct and secondary effects, and improve the quality of life for those suffering from this degenerative condition--all through the sense of smell.