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Crafts and Decorative arts

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The Illuminated Tarot Coloring Book

A spellbinding colouring book featuring over fifty intricate illustrations from The Illuminated Tarot.

Sew For Yourself

Create sustainable clothing that fits you perfectly and makes you feel wonderful when wearing it. Even if you've never done it before, making your own clothing can be easy and fun—and sustainable, if you use recycled fabrics! Using only five paper patterns, you’ll find clear how-tos on techniques and instructions for 50 garments to make.

Norway's Knitted Heritage

You'll appreciate your favorite Nordic patterns in a new way. Nordic knitting designs have long enchanted the world. What makes their allure and beauty so timeless? The answer is fascinating, and author Annemor Sundbø, known as "Norway's Sweater Detective," welcomes you on a wild ride to discover it.

Stripes: 20 Contemporary Knitwear Projects

A book of beautiful knitting patterns using stripes, from one of the world's leading knitwear designers Veera Valimaki, and Nordic knitting experts Laine

Faith & Devotion Coloring Book

Express your creativity and relax with this spiritual coloring book featuring over 120 pages of beautiful designs and inspiring words. Whether you need a word of encouragement or want to reconnect with your faith, Faith & Devotion coloring book is an inspiring and helpful tool. The gorgeous designs include: …

Close Knit: 15 Patterns and Techniques from Beginner to Advanced from

Europe's hippest textile genius throws the rulebook out the window with a knitting book like never before. Tired of dowdy knitting patterns? Bored of videos made by traditionalists with no sense of fun? Freaked out by complicated instructions that leave no room for mistakes? Do you want to learn to knit fur?

Endless Florescence : Transformative Contemporary Dried Floral Design

A celebration of the renewing powers of creativity, this striking dive into contemporary dried floral design shares inspiration and insight from a star floral designer. Jenny Thomasson (AIFD, PFCI, EMC) showcases 26 stunning, cutting-edge dried floral arrangements that show the artistic potential of the medium.

Leathercrafting DIY : 32 Timeless Projects Plus Techniques

Featuring hundreds of very clear step-by-step photos, these projects give beginner and intermediate-level crafters everything needed to make contemporary, stylish leather items. First up are 23 projects based on simple structures, then 9 more based on intermediate structures, arranged in skill-building sequence.

Saggar Firing In An Electric Kiln : A Practical Handbook

If you enjoy the adventure of alternative firing but have only an electric kiln, this is the guide for you. Learn how to use an electric kiln to attain the natural earthy colors and spontaneous patterns of alternative firing methods. Step-by-step instructions together with nearly 200 photos show how to get good results with saggar firing in an electric kiln, without damaging your kiln.

Framing Floral Techniques

Expert teaching for curious and enthusiastic flower fans, both industry-trained and hobbyist. This approachable guide, featuring over 500 photos and companion commentary from an innovative floral educator, will take the mystery out of creating floral designs that are a step above the rest.