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Ss United States

SS United States was the flagship of the United States Lines and was representative of the apex of steam-engineering technology. Designed by William Francis Gibbs, the ship was designed to be both fast and safe, due to the use of new materials with an emphasis on being fireproof. This book chronicles the design, construction, and operation of the liner.

The Skean

This is the history of the distinctive fighting knife of the Gaelic Irish, the skean (Irish: scian). Author Robert Gresh has scoured primary sources for references to the weapon in use and traveled to examine the known surviving examples.

K5 Rail Gun : Krupp's WWII Behemoth

Anzio Annie, Anzio Express, "Leopold"; known by many names, the German 8 cm Kanone 5 Eisenbahngeschütz (railway gun), commonly abbreviated K5(E), was the most successful and widely used of Germany's railway gun designs.

Savage Model 1895, 1899, And 99 Rifles

Author of the definitive A Collector's Guide to the Savage 99 Rifle and Its Predecessors, the Model 1895 and 1899, David Royal now presents the beautiful and elaborately engraved variants of the 99. Although widely perceived as utilitarian, Savage’s Models 1895, 1899, and 99 were often ornamented by gifted artisans.

The Porsche Tiger And Ferdinand Tank Destroyer

Ferdinand Porsche was an Austrian engineer born in 1875. In the interwar period, Ferdinand founded an automotive consultation firm, which gradually grew into today's Porsche AG automotive company. Porsche's firm was responsible for the design of the "Volkswagen," a simple model known today as the Beetle.

The Mat-49 Submachine Gun

The French Model 1949 9 mm submachine gun is most closely associated with France's decolonization campaigns, including Indochina and Algeria. The MAT-49 (Manufacture Nationale d'Armes de Tulle) is a simple, robust, compact, and reliable weapon that was used throughout Europe, Asia, and Africa. Though production ceased in 1979, it is still used by some military forces to the present day.

Mauser Rifles, Vol. 2: 1918–1945

The second of two volumes on Mauser rifles, this full-color, illustrated book presents the design, manufacturing, development, and combat use of the various models from 1918 through World War II. Post-WWI manufacturers defined the characteristics of a future German regulation rifle derived from the WWI-era Gewehr 98.

Us Marine Corps In Vietnam

The March 1965 landing of the US Marine Corps at Da Nang, South Vietnam, marked the first large-scale deployment of US forces to the region. From then on, the Marine Corps fought continuously until May 1975, when two Marines became the last US servicemen killed in that war during the Mayaguez battle.

High Vibe Home

From an interior designer and modern feng shui expert, High Vibe Home is a luxe handbook for creating restorative spaces that feel as good as they look.

The M1 Carbine : Variants, Markings, Ammunition, Accessories

The M1 carbine is a .30-caliber, semiautomatic rifle that first appeared in 1942 as a standard firearm for the US military during World War II. It was later used by US forces in the Korean and Vietnam Wars and continues to see worldwide use to this day.

The Luger P.08, Vol. 2 : Third Reich and Post-WWII Models

The second of two volumes on the legendary P.08 Luger (Pistole Parabellum), this illustrated book presents the design, manufacturing, and development of the various types from the late Weimar Republic period through the Third Reich era of the 1930s and early 1940s, as well as postwar models.