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Hermetic Marriage Of Art And Alchemy

In this initiatory guide to the hermetic art of alchemy, artist Marlene Seven Bremner reveals how the alchemical opus, the Great Work, offers a practical means for liberating the authentic creator within and attaining gnosis, or true self-knowledge.

Templars In America

TEMPLARS IN AMERICA reveals the story of two leading European Templar families who combined forces to create a new commonwealth in America nearly a century before the voyages of Christopher Columbus. Henry St. Clair of the Orkney Islands, then part of Normandy, and Carlo Zeno, a Venetian trader, made peaceful and mutually beneficial contact with the Mi'kmaq people of what is now Canada.

Hermetic Philosophy And Creative Alchemy

Drawing on ancient Egyptian and Greek cosmogonies and essential Hermetic texts, such as the Corpus Hermeticum, the Emerald Tablet (Tabula Smaragdina), and the Nag Hammadi codices, Marlene Seven Bremner offers a detailed understanding of Hermetic philosophy and the art of alchemy as a foundation for a psycho-spiritual creative practice.

Templar heresy - a story of gnostic illumination

Set within the dramatic tableau of the mediaeval Crusades, this story of initiation, adventure and romance follows members of the Knights Templar and Assassins as they discover a mystical tradition with the potential to unify, protect and liberate humankind - the very heresy for which the Knights Templar were later condemned.

America: Nation Of The Goddess : The Venus Families and the Founding of the United States

· Exposes the esoteric influences behind the National Grange Order of Husbandry · Examines the sacred design and hidden purpose of the Washington Monument · Reveals how the three obelisks in New York City depict the stars of Orion's Belt · Explains how every baseball diamond is actually a temple to the Goddess In AMERICA: ...

Soul of ancient egypt - restoring the spiritual engine of the world

· Explores the golden civilization of ancient Egypt and its system of natural magic that birthed the Western Mystery tradition · Examines each phase of Egyptian history from the Pharaonic period, through the Roman conquest, to the ongoing Islamization · Provides a revised portrait of the life of Muhammad, revealing his connections to the Essene tradition Imagine the paradise of ancient ...

Overthrowing The Old Gods : Aleister Crowley and the Book of the Law

· Examines each line of the Book of the Law in the light of modern psychology, Egyptology, Gurdjieff's teachings and contemporary Left-Hand Path thought · Explores Crowley's identification with the First Beast of Revelations as well as his adoption of the Loki archetype for becoming a vessel of love for all humanity · Recasts the Cairo Working as a text of personal ...

Kybalion - the definitive edition

"Includes the 'lost' manuscript The seven cosmic laws"--Cover.

Aquarian gospel of jesus the christ

In his most famous work, published in 1907, Dowling fills in the missing years of Jesus' life with reports on his early education with Jewish rabbis, a trip to India where he learned about Hinduism ...

Invisible History Of The Rosicrucians: The World's Most Mysterious Secret Society

For nearly 400 years, incredible myths and stories have been woven around the “invisible” Brothers of the Rose Cross, the Rosicrucians. It is said that they possessed the secret of man and God, that they could turn lead into gold, that they governed Europe in secret, that theirs was the true philosophy of Freemasonry, and that they could save--or destroy--the world.

Secret Societies And The Hermetic Code : The Rosicrucian, Masonic, and Esoteric Transmission in the Arts

In SECRET SOCIETIES AND THE HERMETIC CODE, Ernesto Frers presents a virtual museum of artistic works that contain occult secrets. The scope of his research ranges from the paintings of Byzantine icons to Salvador Dali, from mystery sites such as the Pyramids to the architecture of Andrea Palladio's Villa Cornaro.

White eagle on divine mother, the feminine, and the mysteries

This book reminds us that spiritual and material life has always been governed not just by God the Father, but, also, by God the Mother. It is the blending of these two energies which produces the power of the Christ within our own being and in the world.

The Chemical Wedding of Christian Rosenkreutz

The Chemical Wedding of Christian Rosenkreutz, often looked upon as the third Rosicrucian manifesto, has an entirely different tone from the other Rosicrucian documents. Unlike the Rosicrucian manifestoes, which address the transformation of society, The Chemical Wedding is concerned with the inner transformation of the soul.

Rosicrucian Emblems Of Daniel Cramer

The Rosicrucian Emblems is a significant yet little-known work of emblematic philosophy published in 1617, only one year after the appearance of The Chemical Wedding of Christian Rosenkreutz. The work consists of 40 emblematic plates, each bearing a title, together with a verse from the Bible and two lines in Latin.

Robert fludd - hermetic philosopher and surveyor of two worlds

Robert Fludd was one of the last true 'Renaissance men' who took all learning as their preserve and tried to encompass the whole of human knowledge. His voluminous writings were devoted to defending the philosophy of the alchemists and Rosicrucians, and applying their doctrines to a vast description of man and the universe.