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Times Of Celebration

Vacker solo-piano musik. Varje melodi är fylld med en oförglömlig klarhet och melodisk skönhet.

The Shadow Effect : A Journey from Your Darkest Thought to Your Greatest Dream

Be uplifted by the power that is hidden beneath the surface of your conscious mind. Take this emotionally gripping, visually compelling journey into your mysterious shadow self — the hiding place …

Episode X : Let Loose! - The Law of Attraction in Action

On this inspirational DVD program, Esther and Jerry Hicks present the teachings of the non-physical entity Abraham, filmed during one of Esther & Jerry’s Art of Allowing workshops, whom Esther calls ...

Episode IX : Telling A New Story! - The Law of Attraction in Action

This powerful and entertaining DVD series allows everyone the opportunity to experience the metaphysical teachings of Abraham "live". Recorded whilst cruising the Mexican Riviera coast in 2008, Abraham continues to deliver their unearthly wisdom on a multitude of topics including group consciousness, raising kids, making a living while having fun, spending money guilt-free, Martin Luther ...

Lunar Eclipse

Drum healing cd!

A lunar eclipse occurs whenever the moon passes through some portion of the earth’s shadow.


Piano, keyboards och gitarr i både vemodig och lycklig samklang väcker minnen av fjärran hav och himmel, berg och skog. Något är välbekant, något har ändrat sig, som årstidernas skiftningar.

Into Silence

Deva Premal är berömd över hela världen för sin underbara vackra mantrasång. Into Silence är en samling av hennes vackraste sånger och mantras genom åren.

Songs For Tibet (CD)

Skivan "Songs for Tibet" består av 19 låtar med svenska artister som genom åren stöttat Tibet. På titelspåret "A song for Tibet" medverkar 8 sångare samt Janne Schaffer, Björn J: ...

Water (Cd)

Science has shown that sound frequencies occurring in nature can literally feed the brain and stimulate elevated levels of consciousness. “Full Spectrum Sound” is an innovative therapeutic concept that uses these naturally occurring sound frequencies to promote healing and restoration at the cellular level.

You Can Heal Your Life : The Movie (DVD)

This entertaining and inspirational movie based on the bestselling book of the same name is hosted by author and teacher Louise L. Hay.

Tandava vol 1

In the realm of electronic world beat, Pathaan is arguably the singular choice. Truly the ambassador of international sounds, his Stoned Asia Music series and sound are solid.

Hero's Journey Dream Meditations

Since time immemorial, the hero's journey has been taken by wizards, goddesses, sages and ordinary people and whether you realise or not, you are taking it right now. You have been called from your everyday world, to quest for change, for knowledge, for peace, for strength.