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Encyclopedias and Reference

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The Encyclopedia of Energy Medicine

An Expansive Resource with 55+ Energy Healing Modalities. This newly revised edition of The Encyclopedia of Energy Medicine is an extensive directory for anyone wishing to study energy healing practices.

Crystal Basics Pocket Encyclopedia

Covering the basics of crystal healing, the author explores why crystals work, how to select stones, safe and effective cleansing methods, and hands-on techniques and practices to harness the power of rocks and gems to transform your life.

Practical Witch'S Almanac 2023, The

The Practical Witch's Almanac is your personal guide for the year. Celebrate the Sabbats and work with the energy of the moon to achieve your goals. This edition has everything you've come to depend on including:

101 Things You Should Know About James Bond 007

In this photo-filled compendium of fun facts and fascinating trivia, every aspect of the world's most famous secret agent is explored and celebrated. From Bond's cars and gadgets to his women and villains, the 007 universe comes to life for fans new and old. Secrets are revealed and myths are dispelled about Fleming's novels and Hollywood's movies, from Casino Royale to No Time to Die.

The 100 Greatest Console Video Games : 1988–1998

The best of the best in gaming from a single decade: 1988–1998! As most gamers know, this ten-year period is incredibly crucial. It was during this time that the NES reached its zenith with such titles as Contra and Super Mario Bros.

Sacred Symbols Oracle Deck : For Divination and Meditation

The Eye of Horus. The Horned God. The Pentacle. The Ankh. Across the world, throughout history, and present in every culture, there are glyphs and sigils that embody sacred power in instantly recognizable ways.