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Love Triangle

Explore the life-changing magic of trigonometry with Matt Parker, stand-up mathematician and no. 1 bestselling author of Humble Pi Why do mobile phones work when you're on a train? What happens when you pull a pop song apart into pure sine waves and play it back on a piano? And what did mathematicians have to do with the great pig stampede of 2012? The answer to each of these questions can be foun

Fine dining for babies

Känner du någon nybliven förälder, eller är du kanske en själv?

Ta med småttingarna på en kulinarisk framgångsresa med Fine Dining for Babies - kokboken som inte bara lockar ditt barns smaklökar utan även banar väg för en blomstrande framtid. När andra barn kladdar i sandlådan kan ditt barn vara ett handels-underbarn med stenkoll på affärslivets underförstådda koder.

What's Your Call Sign?

What’s Your Call Sign? is filled with cleverly written and funny stories behind the seemingly mean-spirited nicknames naval aviators use to address each other as terms of endearment. As such, these stories provide a realistic and true insight into the life of naval aviators that reveals their human side.


A humorous guide to how your cat's mind works.


A humorous guide to why dogs behave the way they do.

The Godfather Tarot

In celebration of the greatest film series of all time, this deluxe gift set updates the classic Rider-Waite tarot deck to capture the world of The Godfather. The King of Swords, The Emperor, Death, Justice, and the Wheel of Fortune are just a few of the tarot cards that, when paired with the characters and events in The Godfather trilogy, become evocative in a whole new way.

Friends to Keep in Art and Life

Pairing classical paintings with sassy captions, Tersigni honors all sorts of sacred female friendships and the miscellaneous nonsense that brings women closer together.

Tersigni's meme-style humor perfectly captures all of the weird, intimate, cherished, and often laugh-out-loud moments that define female friendship.

What If?2 - Additional Serious Scientific Answers to Absurd Hypothetical Qu

From the creator of the wildly popular, and the Sunday Times bestseller What If?, even more hilarious and informative answers to important questions you probably never thought to ask.

Am I Overthinking This?

Try not to overthink it. Am I Overthinking This? meets The Journal of Awesome in this visual journal featuring engaging imagery and plenty of blank space for capturing your "overthoughts."