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Mystical experience

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Hafiz's Little Book Of Life

"Hafiz's poetry aims to close the gap between mortal humans and the divine and this book opens a door to the poet's gardens. From the first page, you are invited to settle into a sublime sanctuary and partake in enchantment until you feel the Beloved inside your beating heart and running through your veins.

The Tree of Life Oracle

Drawing on the mystic tradition of Qabalah, The Tree of Life Oracle will help you to learn more about the nature of the universe and yourself, connecting you with your soul to fulfil your purpose.

Sefirot – The Spheres of Heaven Tarot

Venture beyond the well-traveled paths of the Rider-Waite-Smith conventions to the world of Sefirot Tarot where history, esoteric tales, Judaic Kabbalah, and the Marseille Tarot tradition combine to create a powerful tool for intuition, reflection, and growth.
Since ancient times, the mysterious island of Dioscoria has been a harbor for mystics and misfits, rebels, and outcasts.