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Red Wheel Weiser

Why Red Wheel? We found the red wheel to be an apt symbol for what we’re trying to do. Wheels get you places, move you forward. They’re a symbol of both motion and wholeness in just about every culture or religious belief system. Red is, of course, the color of passion and life. We hope and believe people will find comfort, inspiration, passion, and answers through our books.

Weiser Books has a long history as publishers of esoteric, occult teachings from traditions all around the world and throughout time. From metaphysics and magick to astrology, tarot, Eastern thought, and Western mystery traditions, we offer knowledge about a new consciousness, received wisdom, and information on how to live today, in these changing times. 

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Lucid Dreaming, Lucid Living

If you feel unable to fully connect with your inner guidance, understand your dreamtime experiences, and are seeking a next-level tool to heal your inner wounds and unlock your fullest potential, then this deck is for you.

Herbana Witch

HERBANA WITCH spans a full a year, beginning at the winter solstice and presents magical and healing practices, spirit animals, and subtle energies that change with the seasons. Each chapter begins with a suggestive description of the forest in a particular season.


ANGELOLOGY is a pop-illustrated encyclopedia that presents angels in way they've never been presented before—in the style of a superhero comic book. Readers will discover the names, powers, and virtues of 224 angels—from Archangel Gabriel to Zephaniel. Each of the 224 angels—including eleven archangels—are presented as celestial superheroes.

A Spellbook for the Seasons

From salutations to the sun in summer to winter healing blessings, here are 120 spells, prayers, blessings, and rituals to embrace the changing seasons. Sarah Coyne shows readers how to harness the power of the natural world to bring prosperity, romance, fulfillment, creativity, love, happiness, ambition, and opportunity into their lives and homes.

Opening To Grief : Finding Your Way from Loss to Peace

OPENING TO GRIEF is a companion to the tender time of loss. With the demeanor and tone of a loving friend, the authors offer an invitation to grieve fully, to turn toward your emotions and experiences however they arise, and to follow your own path toward healing.   “A succinct, comforting reference for those dealing with the loss of a loved one . . .


The moon doesn’t just affect the tides—it also affects our moods, our decision-making, and every living organism on Earth. Whether you want to make a good impression at an interview, start a new business, get married, try for a baby, buy a property, go on a diet, sow seeds, or harvest crops, matching the right action to the appropriate lunar phase will ensure the best results.

Sacred Sisterhood Tarot

We continue to be in the grip of a tarot-reading craze as a new group of young tarot enthusiasts—mainly millennial women—are reclaiming tarot decks as tools of self-care, spiritual growth, and identity affirmation.

Your Guide To Forest Bathing (Expanded Edition)

Simply being present in the natural world, with all of our senses fully alive, can have a remarkably healing effect. It can also awaken in us our latent but profound connection with all living things. This is “forest bathing,” a practice inspired by the Japanese tradition of shinrin-yoku.

Herbal Kitchen New Edition

Herbs are a gift from nature. They not only help to create aromatic and delicious food, they, also, support overall health on a daily basis. Using dried and fresh herbs in your cooking boosts your intake of vitamins and minerals, improves digestion, strengthens immunity and increases energy.

Little Book Of Light

Stressed out by life? Need a little extra comfort, inspiration and love? Whether you've lost your way or are just having a bad day, THE LITTLE BOOK OF LIGHT is the ideal pick-me-up, a reminder that love and joy are available in every moment. This elegantly packaged little gift book will inspire, uplift and enlighten with digestible nuggets of inspiration.

Yoga - 7 Minutes A Day, 7 Days A Week New Edition

Over 20 years ago, Gertrud Hirschi distributed a little accessible guide to yoga as a newspaper supplement. It was a big hit. Tens of thousands were distributed and here, by popular demand, is a revised edition of her guide. This little book provides basic 7-minute yoga exercises for each day of the week.