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Encyclopedias and Reference

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The Lawyer Says

A fabulous gift book for lawyers in the latest addition to PAP's Words of Wisdom Series.

HANDFUL OF STARS: A Palmistry Guidebook & Hand-Printing Kit (H)

"In Handful of Stars, the hand becomes an exquisite map . . . wise, trusted, and uniquely our own. Beautiful and mysterious."—Kim Krans, artist and author of the New York Times bestseller The Wild Unknown Tarot, The Wild Unknown Animal Spirit, and The Wild Unknown Journal

Packaged in a deluxe keepsake box, Handful of Stars by hand analyst

Tarot In Ten Minutes: A Step-By-Step Method To Unlocking The

TAROT: One of the world's oldest and most trusted methods of psychic divination. Since the time of the ancient Egyptians, only a select few have possessed the skills necessary to unlock the mysteries of the cosmos.