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Psychic powers and Spirit guides

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Jade-Sky, a psychic/medium, reveals how to develop your sixth sense and connect with the spirit world. Interested in enhancing intuition or exploring spirituality? Discover your psychic potential and embrace guidance from spirit guides. Unlock secrets with Jade-Sky's simple activities.

Third Eye Spies : Learn Remote Viewing from the Masters

Russell Targ has been successfully teaching people how to get in touch with their psychic abilities for more than fifty years. This began in 1972 when he cofounded the CIA sponsored ESP research program at Stanford Research Institute.

Zenned Out Soul Discovery Journal

This beautifully illustrated guided journal is designed to help you achieve spiritual awakening and unlock your divine power. With journal prompts throughout, understanding everything from chakras to moon phase rituals and tapping into your intuition is made simple and fun. Learn about your inner workings and how the world around you can be yours to control.

Voice Of The Souls Oracle

Psychic ability is natural, enabling you to contact your spirit guides and souls "on the other side". With this oracle, you will be able to develop your own intuitive abilities and use this deck as a positive prop to connect with the souls that have important messages to communicate to you.

Awaken Your Psychic Ability

Each chapter explains the different types of psychic gifts we have within us, and includes exercises and meditations that will help you strengthen your hidden psychic talents; understand your connection to angels and spirit guides; identify signs from above; and understand how to work with psychic circles.

Classic Tarot Deck and Guidebook Kit

The Classic Tarot Deck and Guidebook Kit is a modern seer’s complete guide to developing intuitive abilities and mastering time-honored tarot techniques used for divination.

Croton Ii : Journey Back to Earth

Henry and Rose are forced to drift apart, caught in the middle of Croton's reincarnation. While Rose steps into her role as Spirit Guide, Henry finds his way into the realms which most souls try to avoid by all means. Pushing his luck to the limit, Henry disappears into oblivion, forcing Rose to gear up and rush to his rescue into a place she was not armed or prepared for.

Power Of The Healing Field

Sharing remarkable cases of healing and personal transformation from his and his wife's more than 20 years of intensive professional energy healing work, as well as experiences from other gifted healers, psychics, and shamans, Peter Mark Adams illustrates the role of transpersonal fields of consciousness in healing a range of issues, from inherited family and ancestral problems, to past lives and ...

Mysterious Messages From Beyond

What or who is communicating with you from beyond the veil? This study of mysterious communications offers a contrast of classic stories of phantom calls to newer, personal stories that will both haunt and intrigue. The analysis examines thought forms, thought power, and heightened consciousness and suggests exercises for developing more-acute hearing of subtle sounds and voices.

Our Spiritual Dna

After examining the lives of thousands of individuals across five thousand years, Carmel Niland saw patterns in behaviour, character traits, and life purpose that allowed her to connect each individual to specific Ascended Masters.