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Mysticism, Alchemy and Magic

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The Grove of the Universe Tree

Tap into the Magick of Sacred Trees Around the World

From the Norse Yggdrasil and the Christian Tree of Knowledge to the Buddhist bodhi tree and the Jewish Sephiroth, mystical trees have become intertwined with our history and spirituality.

Visual Alchemy

A follow-up to the bestseller Sigil Witchery, Visual Alchemy takes a deeper look at the extraordinary connection between art and magic. Laura Tempest Zakroff expands on her signature sigil witchery method, an accessible and intuitive approach to crafting effective sigils.

Magic : An Occult Primer50 Year Anniversary Edition

MAGIC is divided into two sections; “Magical Theory” and “Magical Practice.” Also included is a substantial set of Appendices. In the “Magical Theory” section David Conway presents a very concise accounting of the philosophy behind magic. Conway begins with an exposé of magic within the confines of natural law, taking the time to meticulously find corollary for the basis of magic.

Rites Of The Mummy

Over a period of several years, the former head of Kenneth Grant's Typhonian Order in the United States, conducted a bizarre sexual ritual with elements of Thelema, Lovecraft, and the Egyptian mummification ceremony to unlock a mathematical code buried in plain sight in Aleister Crowley's Book of the Law.