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Spiritual enlightenment from the Far East has taught the world that true happiness and peace comes from within -- a wisdom that transcends time and boundaries. As each new generation struggles to find happiness in an ever-changing world overrun by technology and media, few take the inward path to deep, long-lasting peace.

Other Voice: A Companion To The Text Of The Course, Chapters

In a time when the search for meaning, but more so the search for a lasting inner peace, is escalating almost daily, there exists the need for pillars of solidarity to rise above the myriad voices each claiming its possession of the truth. A COURSE IN MIRACLES, which continues to impact the world with its timeless wisdom, stands as one such pillar. THE OTHER VOICE was given as a companion to a..

Game Of Life Affirmation And Inspiration Cards (52 Card Deck

With these powerful cards, you can now keep the positive words of The Game of Life with you everyday as you set your course to success

Writings of florence scovel shinn - game of life and how to play it,

Florence Shinn is this century's most popular Success teacher. In her books she shows that we can enjoy a winning streak of health, prosperity, and happiness. These helpful anecdote-rich and entertaining books are available in a single volume. This book contains four volumes: Game of Life and How to Play It, Your Word Is Your Wand, Power of the Spoken Word, Secret Door to Success.

Cabalah Primer: Introduction To English/Hebrew Cabalah

Because Cabalah contains the Universal Laws of God, it teaches us how to connect to a direct experience of the upper worlds, giving us a more complete sense of wholeness and balance. CABALAH PRIMER, with its aspects of English, Hebrew, Tarot, and Sacred Geometry, can help interpret and formulate this wisdom so that it can be of practical value.

Door Of Everything

Twelve short chapters cover the gamut of living by spiritual values - a pocket-size manual in easily readable style.

New gita

The Impersonal Life is one of the key books written on the topic of self-discovery and leading a spiritual life. Author Joseph Benner penned this book in the early 20th century, and it has been a popular title among millions of readers since.

Life And Teaching Of The Masters Of The Far East, Vol.4

A Customer Review: Though the Masters are not Christian, they possess a thourough understanding of the metaphysics of Christianity--reminds me of Paramahansa Yogananda's teachings at times.