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Destiny Books

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Runes And Astrology

Detailing the significance of natural time cycles in the Northern Tradition, Nigel Pennick explores how the stars, planets, seasons, months, and the precessional year relate to the runes. The author explains how the runes are more than just an ancient European alphabet--they encapsulate particular spiritual and symbolic meanings to individually and collectively express deep eternal truths.

Crystal Basics Pocket Encyclopedia

Covering the basics of crystal healing, the author explores why crystals work, how to select stones, safe and effective cleansing methods, and hands-on techniques and practices to harness the power of rocks and gems to transform your life.

Chintamani Crystal Matrix

Space, time, intention, matter, and consciousness all entangle in crystals. Nowhere is this more evident than in the ancient gem archetype of the Chintamani, the wish-fulfilling jewel known in legends around the world as the stone that grants your heart's desires.

Complete lenormand oracle handbook - reading the language and symbols of th

More than 200 years old, the 36 Lenormand cards are an oracle combining standard playing cards with images from the everyday world, such as key, book, animals and flowers. Their simple, predictive and non-esoteric nature opens the realm of fortune telling to all, offering a traditional cartomantic divination where card combinations fuse together to give clear answers.

A Druid's Handbook to the Spiritual Power of Plants

In this practical guide to Druidic plant magic, Jon G. Hughes reveals the gentle alchemy of converting plant essences into potent compounds for working sex magic rituals. Examining the identification, harvesting and magical properties of more than 70 flowers and trees, he details the careful and meticulous spagyric preparation of plant extracts and complexes as well as the process of obtaining or ...

Sexual Practices Of The Druids : A Handbook of Magic and Ritual

· Details a wide range of sex magic rituals that may be used by couples, groups and solitary practitioners · Explains how to channel, intensify and project your sexual energy for magical purposes · Provides instructions for crafting the necessary ritual tools, including wands, chalices, cauldrons and attire and for brewing the potions that accompany these rites One of the Druid's most ...

Sex Mudras : Energy Movement Exercises for Sexual Vitality

Mudras have been used for thousands of years in Hinduism and Buddhism to channel the movement of energy in the body for physical enhancement and spiritual enrichment. These sacred gestures of the hands and body create a tangible link between body and mind, conscious and unconscious and can be used to strengthen and invigorate specific organs or bodily systems.

Cosmic astrology - an east-west guide to your internal energy persona

Combining Chinese Taoist astrology, Western zodiac astrology, and birth destiny cards to develop your innate talents and transform your negative traits

• Includes charts to ...

Sex And The Intelligence Of The Heart : Nature, Intimacy, and Sexual Energy

· Examines how to regain intimacy in our relationships in a way that embraces our hidden wild nature and restores the sacred to our lives · Provides sacred sex and intimacy-building practices for partners and exercises to reconnect with the intuitive intelligence of the heart, remove our emotional armour and cultivate a deeper relationship with the ...

Sexual practices of quodoushka - teachings from the nagual tradition

Based on ancient Mayan, Olmec, and Toltec teachings passed down by the Twisted Hair Nagual Elders of the Sweet Medicine Sundance Path, Quodoushka offers practical guidance on sex, intimacy, and ...

Chakra Frequencies: Tantra Of Sound (Includes Audio Cd)

Jonathan and Andi Goldman reveal how the human voice can resonate our physical and subtle bodies to balance and align the chakras.