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Dover Publications

Since our founding in 1941, we’ve built our reputation by offering remarkable products at amazing prices. Everyone in the Dover family wants you to be delighted with your purchase. When you shop at Dover, you may do so with complete confidence. We stand behind every product we sell with our unconditional guarantee.

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Witchcraft Coloring Book : Spellbinding Designs

Enter the realm of magic and mysticism with this enchanting colouring book. Thirty-one captivating illustrations feature celestial designs, crystals and candles, moths and butterflies, flowers and herbs, and entrancing house and garden scenes that contain many more tools and symbols of the modern witch.

Art of mindful relaxation: the heart of yoga nidra

Most of us experience some degree of stress and many are too frustrated and exhausted to deal effectively with life's pressures. Consumed by the mind's chatter, we cannot appreciate the beauty and wonder of creation and we lose touch with the real purpose of our lives.

Year in hot yoga - daily meditations for on and off the mat

"This book pleasantly bridges the gap between the obvious and the esoteric. I like that the meditations require a little bit of thought, but you don't wonder, 'What's he talking about?' like so many meditation books. Simply meditating on the meditations is enough." — 42Yogis

Prose Edda : Tales from Norse Mythology

Gods and giants bestride these ancient tales, in which warrior queens and noble heroes battle with elves, dwarves, and fearsome monsters. Spanning the dawn of the world's creation to its fiery destruction, these gripping Norse legends chronicle the triumphs and tragedies of a lost era.

Pictorial key to the tarot

Long used in telling fortunes and popular today among New Agers, Tarot cards are regarded by many as "the training wheels" on the bicycle of psychic development. Centuries of scientific progress have not diminished the irresistible attraction of gazing at picture cards to see the future and determine one's fate.

Holy Kabbalah

This comprehensive and well-documented guide to the arcane Jewish tradition of mysticism was written by one of Britain's foremost writers on occult subjects.

Serpent power - the secrets of tantric and shaktic yoga

Considered the prime document for study and application of Kundalini yoga, this work probes the philosophical and mythological nature of Kundalini, the esoteric anatomy associated with it, and much ...

Malleus maleficarum

Full text of most important witchhunter's "bible," used by both Catholics and Protestants. First published in 1486, the book includes everything known at the time about cults, illicit sex, dealings ...