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Earth Dancer

Earthdancer was founded in 2005 by Arwen Osmani as an imprint of Findhorn Press. In 2018 another milestone was set as Earthdancer became an imprint of Inner Traditions International. Earthdancer specializes in publishing high quality, full-color books on the subject of healing, particularly crystal healing. In keeping with the ideals of quality and thorough research, Earthdancer publishes a select number of interesting and beautifully illustrated books each year, by authors who are specialists in their fields, including Michael Gienger’s Healing Crystals and Purifying Crystals.

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Inner Practices For The Twelve Nights Of Yuletide

The season of Yuletide--the 12 nights following the winter solstice--offers the ideal opportunity for inner focusing, for seeing signs, and for planting seeds for the future. This guide explores inner practices for the magical Yuletide season, the period between December 21 and January 2, when the veil between worlds is thin.

Crystal Protection From 5g And Emf Pollution

From appliances, televisions, and computers to Wi-Fi and 4G and 5G cellular networks, in our modern world we are surrounded by electromagnetic fields. As the Digital Age rushes forward, we need to be aware of the increased exposure we are enduring every day and the sneaky consequences this exposure can cause to us and all living organisms.

Crystals And Numerology

Numerology offers a surprisingly accurate tool to gain insight into your character, talents, and abilities by analyzing the numbers in your birthdate, the numeric values of the letters in your name, and the numbers that serendipitously appear in your life again and again.

Awakening Your Crystals

In this vibrantly illustrated crystal guide, experienced holistic therapist and crystal-healing teacher, Sharon McAllister, offers an introduction to programming crystals and gemstones to harness their full potential. She explains how crystal programming combines the powerful instrument of intention setting with the healing energies of stones.

Boost Your Natural Energy

A pocket reference guide filled with 40 easy, quick and natural methods for more energy and enhanced performance. Includes simple yet effective techniques and recipes to restore your natural energy flow for more energy, better health, enhanced performance, concentration and happiness. Explains how the exercises and recipes can be used at work, home, or while travelling.

Seven Elemental Forces Of Huna

In the Huna tradition of Hawaii, there are seven elemental forces whose all-pervading energies flow around us in abundance. Each of us has the ability to easily tap into this rich source of energy to aid us in any situation, empower ourselves and our actions and manifest good things in our lives.

Power of the infinity symbol - working with the lemniscate for ultimate har

Through the ages, the infinity symbol, a sideways figure eight, has represented eternal development and balance. Also known as the lemniscate, this powerful symbol stands for equilibrium, harmony and the interconnectedness of all things. Although magical knowledge of symbols has often been kept secret throughout history, today the power of this symbol is available to all.

Crystal Gifts : How to Choose the Perfect Crystal For Over 20 Occasions

Silent and yet still able to communicate, stones deliver their messages wordlessly, reaching out to us, touching our hearts to be understood by our whole being. When presented as gifts, they are a beautiful way of expressing good wishes, of offering greetings or congratulations – and they can help those wishes come true.

Healing crystals - the a - z guide to 555 gemstones

All the important information about 555 healing gemstones in a neat pocket-book! Though it may appear small, it encompasses the contents of a whole encyclopaedia. This second updated edition is based on new findings in mineralogy and new experiences and research results in the field of gem therapy, including information for 125 more crystals than the first edition, some of which have been ...

Color Your Life With Crystals : Your First Guide to Crystals, Colors and Chakras

This book addresses young readers between 7 and 14 years of age. It is child-friendly and accessible, featuring an index of vocabulary used in the book and a phonic pronunciation alongside each of the crystal names. The book begins by introducing the young reader to some basics like positive thinking, the power of colours, picking the right crystals and an introduction to gemology.