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Love Triangle

Explore the life-changing magic of trigonometry with Matt Parker, stand-up mathematician and no. 1 bestselling author of Humble Pi Why do mobile phones work when you're on a train? What happens when you pull a pop song apart into pure sine waves and play it back on a piano? And what did mathematicians have to do with the great pig stampede of 2012? The answer to each of these questions can be foun

The Year of the Locust

If, like Kane, you're a Denied Access Area spy for the CIA, then boundaries have no meaning. Your function is to go in, do whatever is required, and get out again - by whatever means necessary. You know when to run, when to hide - and when to shoot. But some places don't play by the rules. Some places are too dangerous, even for a man of Kane's experience. The badlands where the

Funny Story

Set over one sizzling summer comes a shimmering, joyful new novel about the happily-ever-after that wasn't and the exes determined to make the best of it from the #1 Sunday Times bestselling author of Happy Place and Book Lovers Daphne always loved the way Peter told their story. How they met, fell in love, and moved back to his hometown to begin their life together. Too bad it turned out to be mo


The world is no longer safe for the Dragon Rider Murtagh and his dragon, Thorn. An evil king has been toppled, and they are left to face the consequences of the reluctant role they played in his reign of terror. Now they are hated and alone, exiled to the outskirts of society. Throughout the land, hushed voices whisper of brittle ground and a faint scent of brimstone in the air - and Murtagh sens

You Said I Was Your Favorite

Pre-order the next instalment in The Lancaster Prep series now!


Nobody in our class pays attention to Daisy Albright and I think she likes it that way.

But when I'm sent to work in the headmaster's office every day with Daisy I am stuck staring at her pretty face, hearing her sweet voice and I start to make her laugh.

The more I get to know h

Running Wild

From the internationally bestselling author of The Simple Wild comes the story of a woman at a crossroads in her life, struggling between the safe route and the one that will only lead to more heartbreak.

Veterinarian Marie Lehr knows unrequited love all too well after pining for her best friend, only to watch him marry another woman. It's a mistake she will never make again,

The Simple Wild

'The Simple Wild was my favourite of [K.A. Tucker's] and I've read them all!' Colleen Hoover, New York Times bestselling author and #1 TikTok sensation

Calla Fletcher was two when her mother moved them both from the Alaskan wild to Toronto, leaving their extreme, rural lifestyle - and Calla's father - behind.

But when Calla receives a call from her fath

Wild at Heart

From the internationally best-selling author of The Simple Wild comes the continuation of a woman's journey to Alaska and a life she never imagined for herself.

Calla Fletcher returns to Toronto a different person, struggling to find direction and still very much in love with the rugged bush pilot she left behind.

When he unexpectedly makes a proposition she can't d

One of Us is Back

From international bestseller, Karen McManus, comes the explosive third and final thrilling instalment in the acclaimed One of Us... series. From international bestseller, Karen McManus, comes the explosive third and final thrilling instalment in the acclaimed One of Us... series. It's been almost two years since Simon died in detention, and the aftermath has been hard to shake. First the Bayview

The Queen of the Dawn

The epic conclusion to the 'Shadows & Crowns' series.

Beautiful Nightmares

'Monster, monster, come out to play. Monster, monster, I've been waiting all day.'

Everything Fortuna believed has been revealed as illusion and lies. Everything has changed.

Now a prisoner in the Seelie Court, Fortuna discovers the game she has been playing is deadlier than she could have imagined. There's no time for pain or healing. There is only survival.

Carrie Soto Is Back

Carrie Soto is the greatest player the world has ever seen. But six years after her last match, she watches a young British tennis player steal her world record - and Carrie knows she has to go back and reclaim her rightful place at the top. Even if the world doesn't believe in her. Even if it almost breaks her. This is a story about the cost of greatness and the burden of fame. The fight

Deadly Dreams

There was a moment of incandescent, blinding light. I was weightless. I was fearless. I was free. And then I woke up.

Fortuna has made terrible sacrifices to protect those she loves. Her powers may be getting stronger but she feels broken. Collith is fighting his own demons and is further away than ever, while Laurie remains a tempting, frustrating mystery.


Fortuna Sworn

'We were meant to be seductive. We were designed to lure humans in.'

Fortuna Sworn is the last of her kind. Her brother has disappeared, leaving her alone. She hides among humans, spending her days working at a bar and her nights searching for him - until she catches the eye of a powerful faerie.

Collith desires Fortuna. And if she will bind herself to him, h

Restless Slumber

'I told you the crown came at a cost.'

Fortuna's world has been transformed. The faerie court is whispering in her head, her brother has lost touch with reality and an obstinate werewolf won't leave her side.

And then there's Collith: her enigmatic, beautiful, infuriating mate. She hates him, so why is he causing her such turmoil?

But as the new Qu

Business or Pleasure

PRE-ORDER the fun, flirty and steamy new rom com from Rachel Lynn Solomon, author of The Ex Talk and Weather Girl!

When professional ghostwriter Chandler Cohen has a one-night stand with a charming man she meets at a bookstore, she's not expecting it to be the worst hookup of her life.

Chandler's date however, stalling Hollywood actor Finnegan W

A Crown of the Gods

Gods have fallen. A queen is rising.
And the world will never be the same.

The throne of the Kethran Empire lies empty, its ruler now a god bringing darkness and chaos to the world. The line between the divine and mortal realms is blurring. The battlefield is set and a final, devastating war is on the horizon.

Casia Greythorne is ready to t

A Twist of the Blade

Mercenary. Survivor. Queen.

Casia Greythorne's world has been shattered. Still reeling from a devastating loss and the revelation of an identity she wasn't ready for, she must now also master the strange magic that's awakening within her.

But first she must lead her friends through cursed lands and the dwellings of the gods, away from the crumbling empire and