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Into Silence

Deva Premal är berömd över hela världen för sin underbara vackra mantrasång. Into Silence är en samling av hennes vackraste sånger och mantras genom åren.

Water (Cd)

Science has shown that sound frequencies occurring in nature can literally feed the brain and stimulate elevated levels of consciousness. “Full Spectrum Sound” is an innovative therapeutic concept that uses these naturally occurring sound frequencies to promote healing and restoration at the cellular level.

Tandava vol 1

In the realm of electronic world beat, Pathaan is arguably the singular choice. Truly the ambassador of international sounds, his Stoned Asia Music series and sound are solid.

Freedom From The World (5 Dvd)

This DVD set provides an opportunity to participate in a one-week retreat with Eckhart to go deeper into stillness and become one with who you are in the depth of your Being.

Deepest Truth Of Human Existence (Dvd)

In this brilliant inspired talk, beside the holy Ganga River in Rishikesh, Eckhart dynamically summarises the essence of his teachings. Speaking earnestly and directly to the heart, Eckhart inspires us to know ourselves at the deepest level. He takes us, step by step, from the ego position of the mind to surrender to the Now. 1 hour 23 minutes

Signatures on Water

Like a quiet lake in the early morning hours, within us all there is a still point of inner peace and calm. With Signatures on Water, acclaimed keyboardist and composer Maneesh de Moor offers a fluid soundscape to help guide us into our inner sanctuary.

Finding & Keeping Love (6 CD)

In the field of relationship psychology, Harville Hendrix has transformed our understanding of what makes us fall in love — and what makes it last.

Winds Of Devotion (Cd) (Available Only To North American Cus

Acclaimed Native American flutist R. Carlos Nakai and Tibetan flute virtuoso Nawang Khechog come together in a trans-oceanic prayer for compassion, wisdom, healing, and universal love. These two Grammy-nominated artists share a common reverence for the Divine Spirit and dedication to the meditative path of music.

In The Key Of Earth (Cd)

As our planet orbits the sun, a measurable vibration known as the Ohm frequency affects every living organism. The body, in its natural intelligence, is able to assimilate Ohm and all its overtones, and utilize these healing properties on a vibratory level, says sound healing expert Marjorie de Muynck.

Love Reigns (Cd)

Kirtan has the power to transport us into an ecstatic realm where our hearts are wide open to the divine.

Dial M For Mantra (Cd)

If you think you know the music of Jai Uttal, then get ready for a surprising adventure into uncharted territory. When remix artist Rara Avis of Shaman's Dream began to break down Jai's devotional classics in his Los Angeles studio, he discovered a hidden side to the kirtan that was dripping with funk.

Touching The Eternal: India Retreat (Region 0, 1080 Min; 6 Dvd)

Through the centuries countless people from around the world have been coming to India, thirsty in their search for truth. Considered to be the birthplace of spirituality, India has produced more great mystics and spiritual teachers than any other country.

Art Of Prescence Retreat (Region 0, 480 Min; 6 Dvd)

Take a Break from Your Life Situation and Come Back Home to Your Life Is it possible that the simple act of being is not actually that simple?

Relax And De-Stress (Music For Self-Healing Series): The Apollo Chamber Orchestra Performs The Msuic

Relax and De-Stress är den första skivan i en helt ny serie med klassisk musik i urval. Njut av noggrant (och vetenskapligt) utvald musik som med sin mjukhet och skönhet hjälper dig att släppa fysiska och psykiska spänningar.

Are You Dreaming? (Cd)

Tribal rhythms, trance, and devotional chants fuse together for the new album from One at Last.

Break Through Pain (Hardback Book + Cd)

The newest treatment for pain is one of the oldest, most effective strategies for pain-free living: meditation.