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Square One Publishing

Founded in 2000 by former Avery Publishing Group president Rudy Shur, Square One Publishers, Inc. is a dynamic New York-based book publishing company designed to produce, market, and sell quality books to any number of specialized high-growth markets. Square One’s titles sell to the bookstore trade as well as to a wide variety of nontraditional outlets. Each title aims to be accessible, accurate, interesting, and smartly written with a strong point of view by author/experts who know their subjects well.

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Aromatherapy For Everyone Second Edition

Are you suffering from troublesome issues such as acne, anxiety, depression, muscle aches, respiratory problems or insomnia? Or are you looking for an air freshener, antibacterial spray or after-sun tonic without all those chemical additives? Whatever the matter at hand may be, there is a good chance that aromatherapy can offer you a non-invasive way to meet your need.

Coconuts for your health - natures most delicious & effective remedy

A clear and simple guide to understanding how the nutrients in coconut work and how you can best employ the different coconut products now on the market. The book begins with a history of the coconut's use. It then discusses the science behind the fruit's beneficial effects on the body, including the latest research regarding its impact on brain function.

Healing with hemp oil - a simple guide to using the powerful and proven hea

The health benefits of marijuana are now getting a good deal of attention. Yet hemp - a close relative of marijuana - is actually a far richer source of CBD (Cannabidiol), the compound responsible for effectively treating dozens of disorders, and contains very little THC, the substance responsible for marijuana's highs.

High Performance Vision : How to Improve Your Visual Acuity, Hone Your Motor Skills & Up Your Game

Beyond physical superiority, mental stamina and smart play, most of the world's best athletes possess another specific advantage that gives them an edge. We're not talking about performance-enhancing drugs or blood doping, but something a lot more natural - good vision.

Macrobiotic home remedies - your guide to traditional healing techniques

It is simple in its approach and powerful in its effect - a diet of natural foods and the use of non-invasive home remedies made from natural food products, designed to eliminate many symptoms of disease and strengthen your body's healing power. It is a philosophy of healing rooted in centuries-old traditions.

Your body never lies - the complete book of oriental diagnosis

Too often, conventional medicine fails to detect disorders and sickness. Oriental diagnosis, an ancient holistic system of knowledge, can detect physical problems before they arise. Beginning with an explanation of the principles of Oriental diagnosis - touching, "seeing," and pressure - author Michio Kushi helps you understand this natural, non-invasive approach.

Do-in way - gentle exercises to liberate the body mind and spirit

Do-In is an ancient traditional exercise for the cultivation of physical health, mental serenity and spirituality. Over the last 5000 years it has served as the origin of such well-known modalities as shiatsu acupuncture moxibustion yogic exercises and meditation.

The Video Poker Edge: How to Play Smart and Bet Right

Video poker is one of the hottest games to hit the casino floor! Flashing screens entice players to try their luck at drawing winning card combinations.

Healing Power Of Rainforest Herbs: A Guide To Understanding & Using Herbal Medicinals

Rainforests contain an amazing abundance of plant life-just two and a half acres of the Amazon rainforest are believed to house approximately 900 tons of plants. What's most exciting is that scientists and researchers have only just begun to uncover the medicinal qualities of these plants - treasures of nature that offer new approaches to health and healing.

Natural Sex Boosters: Supplements That Enhance Stamina, Sensation & Sexuality For Men & Women

This A-to-Z guide features dozens of powerful herbs, nutrients, and natural hormones that increase stamina, sensation, and libido for both men and women.

Numerology: The Power In Numbers--A Right & Left Brain Appro

This book is a classic on the subject, and should be in the library of anyone with a serious interest in numerology. Jordan analyzes the various aspects of name and birthdate, offering insight and advice. Her compassion and faith shine throughout the book. This is a complete course: a textbook for beginners, and a higher course of study for advanced students.

Creative Mind: Tapping The Power Within (Reissue)

Ernest Holmes was born in 1887 on a farm near Lincoln Maine. His works on the power f the mind have influenced millions in the same manner as the words of Norman Vincent Peale and Dale Carnegie. A brilliant speaker a gifted thinker ands an inspires writer Ernest Holmes founded the Unity Church of Religious Science an international ministry that still flourishes today.