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Watkins Publishing Limited

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Amazing Women Cards

The ultimate feminist oracle deck, this diverse and global collection of rule-breaking women share inspiration in four areas: life, work, love and learning.

The Goblin Market Tarot

Here is a tarot of wit and wickedness, of challenge and uncertainty, of wonder and truth. This 80-card deck with 176-page guidebook offers as the Major Arcana a gallery of strange and wonderful creatures, from the Faery Queen to the Wiseman, plus intriguing motifs from the poem, such as the Secret Way and the Fallen Tree. Minor suits represent magical implements, fruits, flowers and elements.

Attracting Abundance

The universe is alive with powerful, positive and loving energy - energy that can help bring about all that you desire in your life. The Law of Attraction states that thoughts, both conscious and unconscious, can have powerful effects; the more positive your thoughts, the more you attract positive energy.

Chakra Wisdom Oracle Cards

A 52-week Journey of Self-discovery with the Lost Fables Based on the seven Chakras within our bodies that aid the flow of energy, this beautifully illustrated oracle deck depicts fascinating fables to enlighten and inspire. The 49 card deck can be divided into seven groups to represent the main chakras.