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Wellfleet Press,U.S.

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Native American Spiritualism

The Indigenous peoples of North America have followed a wide variety of spiritual traditions, many of which have been carried on to present day. NATIVE AMERICAN SPIRITUALISM offers powerful insight into the origins and practices of Indigenous American spirituality with a multiplicity of spells, rituals, folklore, and myths.

Complete Language Of Trees

Along with a stunning visual depiction, each entry provides the tree's scientific and common name, characteristics, historic and hidden properties from mythology, legends, and folklore. Some of the lore of trees will include: ...

Mountain Magic : Explore the Secrets of Old Time Witchcraft

Discover the wisdom and magic of Appalachia through Mountain Magic, an illustrated guide to the occult power of the hills and hollows. The people of Appalachia and the American backwoods have a long and deep magical tradition, one rooted in the power of place, land, and nature.

Candle Magic

Harness the power of light with this collection of rituals and spells for seasoned witches, curious mystics, and new practitioners alike. Light is everywhere, but like fire, the natural power that a candle holds within its flame can be life altering.

Crystal Magic Journal

Crystals are a natural resource created by Mother Earth and harness their magic from the soil itself. Now you can channel their energy and supercharge your spellcraft. Learn all of the practical ways that you can foster a meaningful connection to the earth and each crystal's spirit with this journal.

Guide To Shadow Work

Over the course of your life, you push difficult emotions and experiences aside, but they never truly leave you. These elements form your shadow self, the dark side of your personality that most people try to repress.

MOON SPELLS: An Enchanting Spell Book Of Magic & Rituals (H)

Filled with spells, charms, rituals, and potions by pro witchcraft practitioners, carry this pocket-size spell book with you through every phase of the moon as you harness its mystical energy. Small yet mighty, MOON SPELLS contains spells for healing, luck, friendship, empowerment, and more, all fuelled by the power of the moon.

Complete Language Of Herbs

Along with a beautiful visual depiction, each entry provides the herb or spice's scientific and common names, characteristics, and historic meanings and powers from mythology, medieval legends, folklore, and flower poetry.   Did you know that allspice can be added to herbal mixtures to attract money or luck?

The Dreams Box : Volume 3: Tools for Harnessing the Power of the Subconscious

The Dreams Box offers insight and wisdom about dream interpretation from both psychological and world traditions. Enclosed in a handy hardcover case for easy-to-use decoding, understanding, and deciphering the unconscious and dreams, you'll find a 96-page booklet that features a directory of dream symbols and their meanings, and 36 dream cards to help you identify and decode your dreams.


Across all cultures and spanning centuries, superstitions rooted in cultural legends and myths have formed and influenced daily life. SUPERSTITIONS explains how and why these legends and the associated behaviour behind them developed, accompanied by beautiful illustrations.

Knot Magic

Fair Winds Press