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White Lion Publishing

We bring you a range of books that enhance, enrich, and illuminate, with titles spanning self-care, lifestyle, popular culture, travel, issues and activism, and food and drink. These are books designed to invite you in, using fresh voices to explore new ideas that inspire the reader. We aim to publish authors with a growing platform, who are experts in their field, and who speak directly to readers with voices that resonate.

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365 Gays Of The Year

Discover your queer hero and learn something new every day with 365 GAYS OF THE YEAR, an accessible and fun introduction to LGBTQ+ history through the people that made it. Carefully curated and thoughtfully researched, author Lewis Laney assigns a person or group of note to each day of the year to form the ultimate LGBTQ+ hall of fame.

Sustainable Kitchen

Founders of the Sustainable Food Story, Abi and Sadhbh, have put together tips and step-by-step projects on how to adapt your kitchen habits to a more eco-friendly way of life. Whether you are unsure about the best places to shop, what to do with your leftover lemons or how best to clean your kitchen without impacting the environment, SUSTAINABLE KITCHEN is the complete guide to changing the ...

Sustainable Beauty

Vegan, cruelty-free, 'clean', organic, non-GM, zero-waste, not to mention palm oil, silicones and micro-plastics – where do you start when it comes to creating a sustainable beauty routine? There are thousands of products claiming to be better for the environment and your skin, but they also come with a hefty price tag.