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Conari Press

Conari Press was founded in 1987 with the mission to publish quality books that make a difference in people's lives, and is known for releasing titles on topics such as spirituality, personal growth, parenting and social issues.

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Seven chakra personality types - discover the energetic forces that shape y

Chakras are energy centres in our bodies through which we experience life. Each one holds a different energy, purpose and meaning and examining these qualities can help us use the chakras as a tool for understanding ourselves and coping with change. This book presents a system for classifying people into seven personality types based on the wisdom of the chakras.

Artemis - the indomitable spirit in everywoman

In Jean Shinoda Bolen's best-selling, game-changing Goddesses in Everywoman, myths came to life in a whole new way that resonated with our own lives.

FIND HAPPINESS NOW: 50 Shortcuts For Bringing More Love, Balance & Joy Into Your Life

“You need not read this book from start to finish. Instead, feel free to look at the Table of Contents for a heading that sounds like something you'd really like to know about. If you try them with an open mind and heart, I know you'll be pleased with the results you receive. The fifty tools in this book will give you the edge you need to create a life of success, love, peace and joy.

HOW TO SURVIVE CHANGE...YOU DIDN'T ASK FOR: Bounce Back, Find Calm In Chaos & Reinvent Yourself

"Change is hard," we say, and it is even harder when it is thrust upon us. At any point, we may be forced to reinvent our career or downsize our lives; we may lose a love or a dream. Our first reaction is to rail against fate, but what if we could see past today's turmoil and spot tomorrow's opportunities that lie within unasked-for change? That's the promise of HOW TO SURVIVE CHANGE...


Is there a silver lining to growing up in a dysfunctional family?

Bees Make the Best Pets : All the Buzz about Being Resilient, Collaborative, Industrious, Generous, and Sweet -- Straight from the Hive

Full of fun facts, Mingo shares a potpourri of bee and bee-keeping trivia; practical tips and legend and lore. And here are just some of the reasons bees make the best pets

Take the Leap : Do What You Love 15 Minutes a Day and Create the Life of Your Dreams

Inspirational author and speaker, Heather McCloskey Beck, wants you to know that there's nothing more important than figuring out what makes your heart sing and doing that--every day.

How Come They Re Happy and I M Not?: The Complete Natural Program for Healing Depression for Good

· Integrative approach to combating depression. · Offers a proven method to safely wean oneself off anti-depressant medication · Addresses the causes AND the symptoms · Near immediate satisfaction: natural remedies that work quickly.

And When Love Speaks... --Shakespeare

Whether used to jot down your inner most thoughts, reflect on what you're grateful for, or to simply write down what needs to be remembered at the store, let this beautifully-designed journal guide you through your day. This lined journal is sprinkled with words of inspiration throughoutand features a ribbon marker and is flexi bound with 192 pages of highquality paper.

Hope Is the Thing with Feathers. --Emily Dickinson

Whether you use them to jot down your innermost thoughts, reflect on what you're grateful for, or simply to write down what needs to be remembered at the store, let these beautifully designed journals guide you through your day. Featuring two different sizes, these lined journals are sprinkled with words of inspiration throughout.

The 12 Secrets of Highly Creative Women: A Portable Mentor

A classic bestseller with a new look! Since its first publication in 2001, this book has helped hundreds of thousands of women break through creative blocks and realize their dreams.

After Schizophrenia: The Story of How My Sister Got Help, Got Hope, and Got on with Life After 30 Years in Her Room

Schizophrenia affects more than 3 million American adults. Despite being classified as a severe mental illness, a brain disease that can be treated, it remains misunderstood. Schizophrenia still carries a stigma that too often devastates and silences families.

The 12 Secrets of Highly Successful Women: A Portable Life Coach for Creative Women

Popular creative coach Gail McMeekin offers a practical new guide that addresses the specific challenges women face in work and business: low self-esteem, thinking too small, minimising the need for change and how to build self-confidence.

The 12-Step Recovery Toolkit

Recovering addicts work the 12 steps because their lives depend on it. Accessing a Higher Power and acting upon the Higher Power’s will is a means for lasting recovery and survival. The 12-Step Recovery Toolkit offers a simple yet effective way to tap into that Higher Power and receive guidance on how to incorporate the twelve steps, tools, and slogans into daily life.

An A-Z Guide to Healing Foods: A Shopper's Companion

Filled with science, natural remedies, and modern wisdom, this portable and concise reference is needed by anyone confused by the all the claims of superfoods or who wants to make an informed decision about what foods are best for them.