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David & Charles Ltd

David and Charles is an independent publishing company and provider of online learning courses. We support creative people to develop their skills in arts and crafts. Our books are beautifully designed, with a focus on high quality, clear step-by-step instructions. Whether you need a complete guide to learn a new hobby from scratch, or a project book to understand a new trend or technique, we are likely to have the book for you.

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Time Traveller's Herbal

The herbalist has had many names throughout the ages - Cunning Woman, Wise Woman, even Witch - all hiding the truth of what they are... early pioneers of science, and fountains of traditional, nature-based knowledge. All around us are plants and herbs that can be used to improve our wellbeing and encourage a more nature-focused approach to health.

Art Magick Cards : An Inspiration Deck for Creativity

The ART MAGICK CARDS are a new card deck from illustrator and art witch Molly Roberts, and are the perfect inspiration tool to kickstart creativity and imbue an art witch practice with the magic of colour. Perfect for all art witches, whether experienced or aspiring, this deck helps you to unlock your creative potential and enter a state of magical flow.

Kitchen Magick Cards : A Recipe Deck for Witches

KITCHEN MAGICK is a recipe deck for all who want to capture the magic of cooking and baking. Presented in a beautiful box with an accompanying instructional booklet, there are 52 recipe cards for savoury meals and sweet treats inspired by the Wheel of the Year. Perfect for aspiring kitchen and hearth witches, this deck makes it easy to add new magical meals to every menu.

Listen to the Universe , Synchronicity

A practical guide to synchronicity and being in tune with the universe. Arranged over the course of 24 hours, Montreal-based life coach Anne-Sophie Casper shares what she has learned by letting go of the illusion of control she felt she had over her life - an illusion that was ultimately making her miserable.

Sacred Art

A creative toolbox of techniques and ideas to take your painting to a new spiritual dimension. All of nature is permeated by a hidden geometric creative power. From the spiral growth of ferns, fractal branching systems in trees, and symmetries in leaves and flowers: everything in nature is connected and follows universal principles.

50 Plants That Heal

Discover 50 common medicinal plants and how to use them for healing and self-care with this sumptuously illustrated card deck. Thanks to exceptional photographic plates showing detailed views of all parts of the fresh plant, you will quickly learn to recognise them when out foraging.