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Humane Hoax

As consumers become increasingly aware of the animal agriculture industry's cruelty and environmental devastation, clever industry marketers are adapting with alternative “humane” and “sustainable” labelling and marketing campaigns.

Salt : A confessional animal liberation narrative

Painted with intense colour and bold inkwork, SALT is a graphic novel about two snail/slug men who liberate a monkey from a vivisection lab, saving her life and facing the consequences of those actions. The monkey character is based upon a real experiment in which the head of one monkey was switched onto the body of another.

Veganic Grower's Handbook

THE VEGANIC GROWER'S HANDBOOK seeks to give the new, amateur and professional gardening enthusiast all the tools and techniques to be successful in vegan-organic methods. Mirroring the gardening year, this manual delineates garden planning to seed-growing in the early season, to garden preparation and transplanting when the weather warms.

We Animals (Revised Edition)

A chronicle of the lives of hidden animals and animal photojournalism, spanning many countries over the course of fifteen years.

Celebrating ten years since its publication, We Animals illustrates and investigates animals in the human environment: ...

Secret Life Of Pigs

From factory farms to sanctuaries, pigs live rich and complex lives often hidden from us. In this two-part book, Marine veteran Richard Hoyle and renowned activist Anita Krajnc give us an in-depth look into their experience caring for pigs—and its cost. From his sanctuary in Tennessee, Hoyle describes the many challenges and lessons that come with caring for pigs for thirty-six years.

If But My Gaze Could Heal : A Book of Poems

Colin Greer knows a lot about a lot. His rich life as an educator and author/playwright, emersed in the social and political justice trenches, is reflected in his latest poetry book alongside his wordily wisdom. The author muses on the human condition through verse, taking the lucky reader through the ordinary, the personal, the sublime, and tragic alike.

Do Childfree People Have Better Sex?

Verena Brunschweiger is no stranger to controversy. In her latest book, DO CHILDFREE PEOPLE HAVE BETTER SEX?, our provocateur tackles this increasingly popular topic, and its many ramifications, head on. After conveying her own personal story, Brunschweiger espouses with data in hand on the implications of having children or not: ...

Karvan Kitchen

KARVAN KITCHEN is a beautifully illustrated cookbook packed with mouth-watering recipes for a wide range of vegan dishes throughout the Middle East—whether salads, mezze plates, main courses, the enormous variety of grains, sweet desserts, and beverages.


GABRIEL is a beautifully illustrated and engaging story of a young girl named Claire and her rescued veal calf named Gabriel. Claire grew up in a time when people turned off their feelings toward animals and ignored the damage being done to our planet. Mother Nature sent a warning to the adults as the climate changed and a deadly virus engulfed humankind.

Vegan Geographies

Veganism as an ethics and a practice has a recorded history dating back to antiquity. Yet, it is only recently that researchers have begun the process of formalizing the study of veganism. Whereas occasional publications have recently emerged from sociology, history, philosophy, cultural studies, or critical animal studies, a comprehensive geographical analysis is missing. Until now.

Vegan Entanglements

Systems of oppression function by exploiting the most vulnerable amongst us. Where these oppressive systems overlap, the victims are pitted against one another. Slaughterhouses provide a particularly brutal example, wherein speciesism, capitalism, and carcerality intersect at the expense of their collective victims.

Antiracism In Animal Advocacy

ANTIRACISM IN ANIMAL ADVOCACY is a collection of writings by farmed animal protection advocates who are committed to exploring and prioritizing racial diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI) as they work to create a more just animal protection movement. The essayists were all attendees of the 2020 inaugural Encompass DEI Institute.

Vegan Voices : Essays by Inspiring Changemakers

Why should one go vegan? Is veganism the positive change the world needs? VEGAN VOICES is a comprehensive collection of compelling testimonials about how our food choices are deeply connected to the pressing challenges and issues of our time.

Animals Are Leaving Us

For four years, from January 2017 to January 2021, writer and publisher Martin Rowe documented the state of the United States and the world—using the verse form of ottava rima. In June 2019, he dedicated thirty of those verses to two compelling and distressing photographs of animals in extremis taken by Canadian photojournalist Jo-Anne McArthur.


In the summer of 2019, artist and poet Linnea Ryshke worked as a labourer at an organic meat farm. She transformed what she saw, as well as the specific and acute interactions she had with the animals, into a series of poems, photographs, and artwork. Linnea's intimate, honest, and poignant experience reflects what it means to confront the lives and deaths of individual creatures under your care.

Confessions Of An Animal Rights Terrorist

When two government agents asked Karen Levenson whether she knew any terrorists or was one herself, she couldn't have been more astonished. Passionately and professionally engaged in the struggle to end Canada's seal hunt, she considered her efforts to persuade chefs to boycott Canadian seafood, her deep-dive investigation of hunt economics, and her campaign to end animal suffering not only as ...

Kind : Poems

“If it is true that one knows oneself best by observing how one treats others then this book of poems by Gretchen Primack is essential reading. Read these poems for the truth they tell about our relationship to and treatment of the creatures we take to be our property; read this book and ponder its many questions, for example 'Who are the beasts?' and 'What can I do?