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Ozark Mountain Publishing

Ozark Mountain Publishing, Inc. was founded by Johnny & Dolores Cannon in 1992, located in the hills of the Ozark Mountains.  Their mission was and continues to be to provide readers with accurate, interesting and educational information that opens the mind to fascinating possibilities.

Ozark Mountain Publishing, Inc. is the home of two imprints: Ozark Mountain Publishing and Big Sandy Press

Ozark Mountain Publishing publishes only non-fiction metaphysical and spiritual books.  The books cover many subjects including:  Self-Help, Spiritual, New Age, Meditation, Dowsing, Healing, Metaphysics and UFOs just to mention a few.  The information is provided in many forms:  CDs, DVDs, Audio Books, and E Books as well as in standard book form. 

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Om : The Uncreated Creations

In THE OM, the reader will gain an understanding of what these rare entities are, their interaction with The Origin and The Source, and why they are considered to be Uncreated. In direct dialogue with The Om, the Author describes: · How The OM became uncreated, their structure and their variants, including New Om! · What random sentience is.

Horns Of The Goddess

In 1983, Dolores was working with several individuals who volunteered for sessions to help her hone her craft in hypnosis. Over the years, she had developed her own technique of hypnosis wherein the client would go into a very deep state of trance and be able to re-live the past life they were seeing.

Starseeds: What's It All About?

In the 1960s, legendary hypnotherapist Dolores Cannon began working with patients who had smoking and eating issues. When taken deep into their subconscious, a surprising thing happened. No matter their class, creed, or religion, clients from all over the world kept saying the same thing: “I came here to raise Earth's vibration.

Golden Compass

This book is written to guide and reflect on important spiritual directional points that are contained within our souls. These points are like an inner spiritual compass, a golden compass if you will, that help us along our way or our path in life.

Beyond All Boundaries Trilogy - Book Three

As the story moves into the last book of the trilogy, we know that Chaldee's kingdom has been destroyed, meaning she must seek a new homeland, but the search seems fruitless until, with the help of her Earthling friends, the search leads them into the wonders of a secret city, hidden deep underground.

Birthmark Scar : Interdimensional Worlds

THE BIRTHMARK SCAR includes angels, tarot readings, energy work, intuition, past life experiences, magick, Pagan rituals, psychics, and witchcraft. We believe that sometimes the best learning comes from story. In today's world, metaphysical traditions blend together, and many called to explore their spirituality are overwhelmed by the strangeness of it all.

Time : The Second Secret

TIME shows us how we can free ourselves from time constraints with meditation, breath work, past life regression, visualization, and more! It's tempting to blame other people or circumstances when things in our life become stagnant, yet we are always the cause that determines how fast or slow things happen. Get ready to learn an effective way to speed up time by changing our vibration.

Croton Ii : Journey Back to Earth

Henry and Rose are forced to drift apart, caught in the middle of Croton's reincarnation. While Rose steps into her role as Spirit Guide, Henry finds his way into the realms which most souls try to avoid by all means. Pushing his luck to the limit, Henry disappears into oblivion, forcing Rose to gear up and rush to his rescue into a place she was not armed or prepared for.

Life Of A Military Psychologist

With the stock market tanking, Dr. Sara Fox is forced from her comfortable small town therapy practice and thrust into the violent world of military mental health and intimate partner violence, where officers are rarely guilty, victims are always blamed, and questioning the status quo can be a death sentence.

Dancing With Angels In Heaven

DANCING WITH ANGELS IN HEAVEN is the fifth book in the pentalogy of the author's encounters with his spirit guide that began when he was confronted on the street by a homeless man named Albert, who turned out to be a wise spirit in disguise. The author's first four books recount his dialogue and astral trips with his guide, who took him to the Spirit Realm and other planets in our galaxy.

Forgiveness Workshop : From Higher Self/Spirit

“No one is to blame for how you feel.” Dismissing and pushing down an emotion or experience does not constitute forgiveness. Stop blaming others for your life circumstances and daily way of being by becoming an empowered person! In this book readers will learn the “Forgiveness Formula” for freedom and partake in the “Forgiveness Workshop from Higher Self/Spirit”.

Oracle Of Ur

In ancient Sumer, 3800 BC indentured and forced into prostitution to survive, a reluctant seer known only as Girl, finds herself experiencing cataclysmic visions. Kaylem, most junior scribe of the Temple and her one, true friend, realizes Girl is the mouthpiece of the gods and is the only one to believe her.

Very Special Friend

This is a story of a young girl who was moved from where she grew up, to a new place in the country where she knew no one. Here she encounters a very special friend to help her adapt.

Beyond All Boundaries Trilogy - Book Two : United Worlds

As the story continues, friends of the missing archaeologist and his son discover the mythical kingdom hidden deep in the Kimberley ranges. After many skirmishes, they are finally convinced by the oracle to help Chaldee—the ruler of the kingdom—find a professor who is developing a powerful healing substance aimed at helping mankind.

Beyond All Boundaries Trilogy - Book One : Parallel Worlds

Although set in the remote Kimberley ranges of northern Australia, this story centres on an ancient kingdom, slightly offset from Earth's frequency, struggling to deal with a prophecy that predicts the coming of a young earthling whose mission is to realign the two realities before the coming planetary upheavals.

Dancing With The Mountains

DANCING WITH THE MOUNTAINS chronicles Paul's hike to raise money for the Alzheimer's Association and prove that sixty is the new forty. More than a travelogue, it is a love story about fathers and sons, families battling Alzheimer's, and the people and places along the Appalachian Trail.

Psycho-Spiritual Healing

PSYCHO-SPIRITUAL HEALING is the result of over 20 years of healing experience. It describes the various healing modalities used by the author in treating physical, energetic, and psycho-spiritual issues that result in illness, disease, and psychological/mental health issues. It provides a step-by-step description of the issues, why they manifest, and the modalities used to cure them.

Where The Weeds Grow : Notes on Wildness

We are all looking for the ultimate, something wild and beautiful beyond our wildest dreams. The reason I hit the road, went to skid row, and climbed high peaks was to search for the raw, pure holiness that I suspected permeated all of life. You see, I was not seeking religion, salvation, or even success. I was tracking down the truth. I was pursuing the source of all this.

Being In A Body

BEING IN A BODY is a kind of “owner's guide”—driving instructions for the elegant and finely tuned vehicle that is the human body. The book also functions as a sort of maintenance manual for aspects of your being that one doesn't generally learn much about growing up, such as the cellular intelligence of your body.

Divine Fire

The book is based on a search for hidden knowledge. Hypnotherapy sessions exploring future lives, parallel lives, extraterrestrial experiences, crystal skulls, and spiritual alchemy were undertaken in the hopes of transforming the looming potential disaster unfolding around us in the world today, and turning it into the beginning of a Golden Age.