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The Female Archangels: Empower Your Life with the Wisdom of the 17 Archeiai

Embody the Divine Feminine wisdom and consciousness of the Heavenly Archeiai

Art Of Thai Massage

Unlike most books about Thai massage, this guide offers a deep and insightful view of important and often neglected aspects of Thai bodywork. Many of the concepts presented in the book also apply to table massage, physical therapy, yoga, and other healing arts.

Discover Your Crystal Family

Looking at the dynamics between crystals, humans, and the angelic kingdom, Kathryn Hudson explains why you might encounter crystals on your life path and shares her personal story of how a crystal gifted to her by a stranger helped her change the direction of her life.

Enlightened Dog Training

There is a secret language that dogs use, and you can learn it to understand and communicate with your pet, help resolve common behavioural issues, and transform your dog into a calm, intuitively obedient companion you can share your life with.

Healing Power Of The Sun

For thousands of years, the human race lived in harmony with the sun and used its heat and light as medicine. In recent history, however, with skin cancer on the rise, we have become too focused on the negative effects of the sun. Fortunately, science has made new discoveries showing just how beneficial the sun truly is to our lives.

Healing Power Of Pleasure

Hidden just below the surface of ordinary everyday reality lies an abundance of pleasure and delight. By learning to look beyond your daily challenges, to ease your stressed mind and body, you can rediscover the magic, mystery, sensuality, and joy that is possible in everyday life.

Spiritual Healing In Hospitals And Clinics

Seven years after qualifying to become a spiritual healer, Sandy Edwards approached a consultant gastroenterologist at a city hospital and offered to give healing to his patients as a volunteer. She provided healing sessions alongside conventional medical treatments, documenting the effects in a scientific way, and the doctor was surprised at the overwhelmingly positive outcomes.

Our Spiritual Dna

After examining the lives of thousands of individuals across five thousand years, Carmel Niland saw patterns in behaviour, character traits, and life purpose that allowed her to connect each individual to specific Ascended Masters.

Last Ecstacy Of Life : Celtic Mysteries of Death and Dying

In the Celtic tradition dying is considered an act of birthing, of our consciousness passing from this life to the next. The role of an anam-áire is that of a midwife, a sacred guardian of life force, who supports a dying person by witnessing their journey.

Answering The Call Of The Elementals

We all live in the realm of elemental beings. They permeate our souls, our thoughts, our feelings, and they co-create the world around us, yet we are completely unaware of them. They, however, are eager to be perceived and acknowledged by us because their future and ours are fundamentally connected.

Cell Level Meditation

By simply looking at something, by becoming aware of it, you can change it. CELL LEVEL MEDITATION focuses awareness on the smallest unit of life for the purpose of healing. Using the timeless technique of combining awareness with the breath, you move into the cells and become them.

Energetic Cellular Healing And Cancer

As a complementary energy healer, Tjitze de Jong has supported hundreds of clients during their journey with cancer over the past 15 years. In ENERGETIC CELLULAR HEALING AND CANCER, he provides insight into the functioning of our cells and our immune system and how energetic distortions in our physical as well as energetic bodies, for example, in our chakras and auras, can lead to illness.

Encyclopedia Of Ailments And Diseases

What if your body used a secret language to talk to you? What if an ailment or illness was your body's way to shout for help, to make you understand that you need to change your thoughts, emotions, feelings, and behaviours?

Chakra Cards For Belief Change : The Healing InSight Method

A card deck and therapy tool in one, CHAKRA CARDS FOR BELIEF CHANGE offers 56 full-colour cards to assist you in transforming your unhelpful beliefs and raising your vibration to begin creating the reality you desire. The cards feature high-vibration, full-colour chakra images to use as tools for therapeutic guidance as well as for positive manifestation.

Gateways To The Soul : Inner Work for the Outer World

Humanity is in a great crisis of soul today, but there is also much good will around. As a species, we are challenged to start embracing a new story, one that enables us to be less greedy and materialistic and to espouse peace not war, kindness not cruelty and heart as opposed to indifference. What we need is to bring more soul into the world.

Healing With Light Frequencies

Star Magic Healing aligns you with high-vibrational Consciousness Codes and extra-terrestrial light frequencies that expand your consciousness, shift your vibration and speed up the healing process. Present on Earth in ancient Egyptian times, these Codes will transform your inner world and, in turn, upgrade your external reality.

Deva : Our Relationship with the Subtle World

Nature spirits, faeries, gnomes and their higher angelic counterparts who overlight landscapes, mountains, rivers, and plants have held a fascination for people worldwide for countless generations. The Deva kingdom is essentially the world's form builders, the symphony at the heart of Creation, yet Deva is so much more than the joyful beings that animate what we call Nature.

Know Your Blood, Know Your Health

Your blood holds the clues you need to maintain vibrant health. Yet a standard blood lab panel the most widely used diagnostic tool in Western medicine--may not reveal subclinical imbalances or the earliest beginnings of disease.