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Welbeck Publishing UK

Welbeck Publishing Group is an exciting, fast-growing independent publisher based in London, dedicated to publishing only the very best and most commercial books spanning a number of genres and categories, from leading authors and well-known brands to debut talent. We live for books that entertain, excite and enhance the lives of readers around the world.

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Ghibliotheque Film Korea

This guide to the country's cinematic story explores 30 movies, combining reviews with director biographies, and including recommended further viewing and a catalogue of film stills and movie posters.

Dream Ritual Oracle Cards : A 48-Card Deck and Guidebook

Your dreams offer a gateway between your conscious waking life and your subconscious dreaming state. The 48 cards in this deck encourage you to explore the profound messages they can offer, gently guiding you to a more fulfilled and meaningful life.

Practical Magic Activation Deck : 52 Cards and Guidebook

The 52-card PRACTICAL MAGIC ACTIVATION DECK will help you ignite your inner wisdom and guide you to create pragmatic, practical change. Designed by empowerment coach Kate Taylor to help you connect mind, body and soul, each card is an 'invitation' to turn to the guidebook for an activation exercise that will enhance your wellbeing and deepen your soul connection.

Sea Soul Journeys Oracle Cards

Whether you've used an oracle deck before or not, the SEA SOUL JOURNEYS ORACLE CARDS provide mindful daily mantras to boost your mood, providing quiet yet potent signposts and connecting you more deeply to your intuition and to the magic of the sea.

Kabbalah - The Tree Of Life Oracle Reissue

The Tree of Life is a sacred symbol in many cultures of the world, but here it is used as a path to knowledge linking the 22 letters of the Hebrew alphabet with the 22 'paths' of the Tree of Life and the astrological houses. The Oracle you are now holding is based on an ancient Kabbalistic map of creation that dates back at least 1,000 years in the Jewish mystery tradition.

Ayurveda Detox

According to Ayurveda, our natural state is one of health, happiness and an inner sense of wellbeing. Health is defined as the body being clear of toxins, the mind at peace, calm emotions, wastes eliminated and organs functioning normally. In a busy and toxic world, our physical and mental systems accumulate toxins causing deterioration in bodily functions.

Moon Oracle New Edition

This original, easy-to-use divination system and practical introduction to lunar astrology allows you to align your life to the fluctuating rhythms of the Moon and make in-depth, multi-layered readings, using a combination of lunar cards.

Sharman-Caselli Tarot Deck Reissue

This deck has been specially created for the first-time tarot user. Juliet Sharman-Burke is an experienced tarot reader and teacher, and Giovanni Caselli is an internationally renowned artist.

Tarot Pack-Lost Tarot Of Nostradamus

Michel de Nostredame, sixteenth-century French apothecary and seer, was the most famous visionary of them all. In 1994, in the Italian National Library in Rome, a manuscript believed to be by the man himself was discovered along with 80 mysterious paintings drawing heavily on the symbolism of the tarot.

Mood Cards

Psychology doesn't have to be complicated. Based on CBT, mindfulness and positive psychology, The Mood Cards, comprising 42 cards and an instructional booklet, offer a fun and easy-to-use interactive card deck to make sense of your moods and feelings.

Mood Cards, Understand Deep Emotions

An easy-to-use mental health resource based on mindfulness, CBT and positive psychology. This pack of cards demystifies psychology and mental health labels and offers a fun and accessible way to help you identify and explore moods, feelings and emotions.

Elemental Tarot

Many suggest that the tarot evolved from an ancient book containing the prototype of a perfect spiritual journey. Others see it as an extension of astrology and celestial interpretations. And some view it as merely a game with uncanny relevance to life and life events. THE ELEMENTAL TAROT is the perfect distillation of all these.

Protection Charms

If you've ever got involved in a Twitter spat, been targeted by a nasty troll, or worried about walking home alone late at night, this book will give you the energetic arsenal you need to align yourself with positive outcomes and ward off negativity and danger. Since time immemorial spiritual traditions have given us tools to enhance personal protection.