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Ryland Peters & Small and CICO Books UK

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The Book Of Nordic Self-Care

The Nordic countries are renowned for being among the happiest in the world, and in this beautifully illustrated guide, Elisabeth Carlsson shares the keys to their lifestyle to help you improve your health and wellbeing. In the first chapter, learn about the benefits of wellness practices such as saunas and find skincare rituals that you can try at home. Next, take inspiration from Nordic foods by

Celtic Goddesses And Their Spells

The Celtic goddesses and druids were legendary beings. Now these heavenly spirits have personal relationships with us in everything we do. All females are divinely attuned to goddesses from birth for guidance and protection through life until death.

Magical Self-Care Tarot

Tarot is a centuries-old tool used for divination, advice, play, and more, including self-care. Join tarot card reader and teacher Leah Vanderveldt in uncovering how the cards can go beyond predicting a likely outcome based on the current energy.

Talk To Your Angels

TALK TO YOUR ANGELS brings you traditional and not-so-traditional ways to meet your angelic guides. Jayne Wallace and Liz Dean unveil the signs of angelic presence and demonstrate the best ways to get closer to these celestial beings, with each tip illustrated by award-winning artist Sarah Perkins.

Mindful Homes

Be present and connected in your home with feng shui and mindfulness techniques. Feng shui teaches that we are interconnected and interdependent. This includes the spaces that we live in and engage with every day. We are not separate from our homes, our spaces or the objects and people that surround us.