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Hampton Roads Publishing

Though we are not necessarily limited in scope, we are most interested in manuscripts on the following subjects: body/mind/spirit non-fiction, alternative health and healing, self-help with a spiritual bent, received wisdom, and religion and meditation from Eastern and Western traditions.

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Hafiz's Little Book Of Life

"Hafiz's poetry aims to close the gap between mortal humans and the divine and this book opens a door to the poet's gardens. From the first page, you are invited to settle into a sublime sanctuary and partake in enchantment until you feel the Beloved inside your beating heart and running through your veins.

Game Of Life And How To Play It

This study edition of one of the most influential self-help books of the last hundred years makes Shinn's principles relevant to 21st-century readers.  Shinn begins with the following statement: “Most people consider life a battle. It's not a battle. . . . It's a game. And like most games, it can't be played successfully without understanding the rules.

Get Grounded, Get Well

Nature has been the world's most acclaimed healer since the beginning of time, with time-tested references to its ability to heal body, mind, and soul, dating to the earliest civilizations. For thousands of years, traditional indigenous medicine from Mother Earth has been used to promote health and wellbeing for millions of Native peoples.

Meister Eckhart's Book Of Darkness & Light

Meister Eckhart has been a huge influence on spirituality for more than 800  years, including to philosopher Arthur Schopenhauer, Eckhart Tolle, Richard Rohr, D. T. Suzuki, Rudolf Steiner, and Matthew Fox—all crediting Eckhart as being an important influence on their thought.  This book of Meister Eckhart meditations is for people seeking the “wayless way.

Revelations Of The Aramaic Jesus

From the Introduction: “The challenges we face today are not in essence different from those of our ancestors: relationships, love, knowledge, work, and purpose still claim our main attention. Yet the implications of these challenges for the survival of humanity and the planet seem more acute.

Awake Dreamer

In the world of dreams, inventors have discovered techniques to solve problems, scientists have conjured new medicines to heal the sick, artists have created poetry, plays, and songs. Many people have reported being visited by loved ones in heaven to bring messages of healing or warnings to prevent an upcoming disaster.

Don'T Just Sit There, Do Nothing

Here are 47 inspirational pieces that are smart, hip, accessible, and rich with insight; Jessie Asya Kanzer's bite-sized stories of struggle, triumph, and contemplation based on sharp observations and anecdotes from her own life, provide a quick burst of mindfulness.

Healing Power Of African American Spirituality

This is a fabulous resource for anyone who wants to understand African American spirituality, shamanism, and indigenous spiritual practices and beliefs. It is designed to be informative while providing hands-on recipes, rituals, projects, and resources to help you become an active participant in its wonderfully soulful traditions. Inside you will find: 1.

Prosperity Meditations

If you want to draw prosperity into your life, first abandon the idea that spiritual people must be poor. PROSPERITY MEDITATIONS can help you develop a new, fresh, optimistic, and empowering attitude about money. By using its methods, you can change your belief about prosperity and thereby draw greater wealth into your life on all levels: ...

How To Be

This book is a dialogue between two spiritual seekers—one a Trappist monk and the other a married professional woman. It is two people “stuttering to articulate life's universal questions from diverse contexts and perspectives.” Brother Paul writes as one steeped in silence and the daily rhythms of the ancient prayer practices of monasticism.

Enneagram Guide To Waking Up

This is a personal transformation book rooted in the wisdom of the Enneagram system of personality types. It is a book about waking up and growing into the best version of yourself. It is a book that shows you how to discover who you are and what you can be. It is a book about finding your path, facing your shadow, and discovering your true self. It is a good news–bad news–good news story.

Attract Wealth : Take Charge of Your Life

The premise of this book is that you are meant to lead a free, radiant, and wealth-filled life; that you deserve to have all the money you want or need. Great riches are within your grasp and can be accessed through the vast untapped resources of your mind. This New Thought classic text is a wealth primer that encourages you to harness the power of your unconscious mind to: ...

Attract Happiness : Take Charge of Your Life

Everybody wants to be happy—and inspirational writer and teacher Joseph Murphy demonstrates how simple it is to achieve the life you want and deserve. This little book is based on two assumptions: 1. True and lasting happiness will be achieved when you realize that you can overcome any weakness. 2.

Paranormal Confessions

Built in 1847 on the banks of the Ohio River, the Bellaire House is reputed to be one of the most haunted houses in America. Since the early twentieth century it has earned a reputation as a hotbed of paranormal activity, with reports of apparitions, curses, psychic assaults, and violence.